New War Crime Indictments Possible

Associated Press

Recent reports of mass killings, rapes and expulsions by Serbs against Muslims in northern Bosnia may lead to more war crime indictments, a U.S. human rights envoy said Thursday.

U.N. aid officials estimate that more than 22,000 Muslims and Croats have been forced from their homes in Serb-held areas of northern Bosnia since mid-September.

John Shattuck, a U.S. assistant secretary of state who interviewed refugees from the area, said the incidents described to him were "horrendous."

"We make an urgent appeal to the Bosnian Serb leadership to stop these horrors," he said. "There are lives at stake."

All of Bosnia's warring parties have committed atrocities in campaigns to purge rival ethnic groups from areas they control, but Serbs are accused of the most widespread and systematic abuses.

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