FOUNTAIN VALLEY : Adult Business Issue Elicits Strong Reaction

A proposal to regulate where adult businesses locate in the city has set off a barrage of letters and calls to city officials from residents who feel strongly about the issue.

City Hall has received about 50 phone calls about the proposal, which is on the agenda for today's Planning Commission meeting.

Letters are streaming in to planning staff, planning commissioners and City Council members, said Planning Services Manager Andrew Perea.

More than 100 residents and business owners attended the Oct. 11 Planning Commission meeting to voice their objections to any adult entertainment businesses in the city.

A second Planning Commission meeting is scheduled for Nov. 8 before the matter goes to the City Council on Nov. 21.

City officials say that such businesses cannot be banned and are protected under the First Amendment. However, municipalities can regulate their locations.

Under existing city regulations, adult businesses can locate in any commercial zone, Perea said.

A city moratorium on adult entertainment businesses expires in February.

The 7 p.m. session will be in City Council chambers, 10200 Slater Ave.

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