THOUSAND OAKS : 2 Lectures to Focus on Genetic Issues

Two free lectures at Cal Lutheran University on Monday will explore the ethical issues surrounding genetic advances.

The first lecture by Daniel J. Kevles, “The Human Genome Project” at 10 a.m., will focus on the international effort to map every gene in the DNA that defines our species. Kevles will address the ethical concerns surrounding genetics and argue that genetic knowledge will not be used to produce a new “super race” or to stigmatize groups as undesirable.

In “Genetics, Race & IQ,” the second lecture in the series at 8 p.m., Kevles will critique the claims of “The Bell Curve,” a book by Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein that says the United States is divided along intelligence lines, as measured by IQ tests.

Kevles is the J.O. and Juliette Koepfli Professor of Humanities at the California Institute of Technology and a recipient of the Guggenheim and the National Endowment of the Humanities fellowships.


Both lectures will be in Samuelson Chapel at Cal Lutheran, 60 W. Olsen Road, Thousand Oaks. For more information, call 495-4470.