Measure to Slow Immigration Is Introduced

Associated Press

The number of non-refugee immigrants allowed in the United States would fall at least 20% under a bill introduced Friday by Sen. Alan K. Simpson (R-Wyo.).

Simpson said he wrote the bill in response to concerns that too many foreigners are coming to the United States, competing with U.S. workers for jobs and overcrowding some areas of the country.

“It is time to slow down, to reassess, to make certain we are assimilating well the extraordinary level of immigration the country has been experiencing in recent years,” Simpson said.

Last year, 804,416 immigrants, including refugees and foreigners seeking asylum, entered the United States legally.


A similar bill awaiting a vote in the House would cut the annual total to 595,000 by the year 2001.

Simpson said his bill would reduce the number of immigrants who come here to fill jobs from the 123,291 who entered last year to 90,000. Foreigners with special knowledge or experience are allowed to come here if their skills are needed by U.S. companies.