L.A. Speak : Roller-Coaster Rap

airtime n . period of near-zero gravity in which you feel like you’re coming out of your seat. “The Magnum has great airtime on the second hill.”

chain dogs n . catches beneath cars that grab a moving chain and pull the train uphill.

coffin cars n . trains with excessive safety restraints. “I hope they take the coffin cars off the Ripsaw.”

ERT abbr . Exclusive Ride Time, set aside by a park before or after hours for hard-core enthusiasts only.


fine de capo n . sensation that rider is about to have head knocked off, usually by a beam or a tunnel. Syn. head chopper.

frequent flier n. individual who has ridden 100 or more roller coasters.

green alert n. warning that someone is getting sick on a ride. “Whoa! Green alert on the Vortex.” Syn. Code V.

head banger n . coaster that slams the rider’s head into the restraints.

whirl-and-hurl n. a spinning ride that induces nausea, often found in older parks and carnivals. “I’ll never forget the old whirl-and-hurl at Pacific Ocean Park--and neither will the guy next to me.” Syn. spin-and-barf.