CYPRESS : 2nd Warehouse OKd Near Valley View

After three hours of debate and testimony, the City Council this week approved another warehouse in the Valley View Street area, despite vehement opposition from several residents who had been active in last week’s recall election campaign.

A larger warehouse, approved by the council in 1994, triggered the recall movement that led to the Nov. 7 election. Voters decisively rejected the proposal to recall Mayor Cecilia L. Age, Councilman Walter K. Bowman and Councilwoman Gail H. Kerry, all of whom had voted for the first warehouse.

At Monday’s meeting, Councilwoman Mary Ann Jones cast the lone vote against the second warehouse, saying it would cause traffic congestion and its user is yet to be determined because the builder does not yet have a tenant.

“I want to know what type of activity will take place,” Jones said.


Other council members, however, backed the project, saying it would be a good addition to the business park at Warland Drive near Valley View Street.

“The location is ideal for a warehouse,” Councilman Tom Carroll said.

Residents who spoke against the new warehouse said that the southern part of Cypress already has too many traffic-generating projects. Alan Buck and Danielle Galanter said they think the environmental analyses for the new warehouse are full of errors.

City staffers and independent environmental consultants assured the City Council, however, that the studies were accurate and project no major noise or traffic problems.

The new, 181,924-square-foot warehouse will be built by Cypress Land Co. at 11261 Warland Drive.