It's Worth a Detour for Ski Apparel Savings : H & H Jobbing Co. has two stores outside the San Fernando Valley that also sell golf and tennis clothing.


Before you head to the slopes this winter, you might want to make a stop at H & H Jobbing Co. for the best ski apparel deals in Southern California.

Unfortunately, there are no outlets in the San Fernando Valley. But it's worth making a trip to the Downtown Los Angeles store or the new location in Redondo Beach for the savings H & H offers.

The label conscious but budget-oriented skier haunts H & H. Although the prestigious labels are never mentioned in their advertising, I can tell you about a few I found on the racks recently.

A woman's black or white ski jacket by Head retails for $265, but you'll find it selling here for $135. This isn't a special, it's their regular price. For men, a jacket by Killy at $215 is a savings of $215 over the regular price of $430.

If you've coveted but can't quite swing $600 for a quilted jacket with the Postcard label, take a breath, relax and know that you can buy it here for $295.

H & H has been around for many years. Owner Michael Eisenberg shares the premises of the L.A. location with his father, Jules Eisenberg. Downstairs, the senior Eisenberg runs a women's clothing store called Ladies Apparel Inc., which also offers dynamite deals.

Both are so crowded with merchandise that it gets a bit messy. But when first-quality, current merchandise is offered at these prices, we're don't demand good housekeeping.

Besides ski wear, there's apparel for the tennis and golf crowd as well, and you will also find Escada active sportswear drastically discounted. If you feel that spending a couple of hundred on a sweat shirt is obscene, I agree. Not that $90 seems like a bargain, but it's better than $200. All Escada active wear is half off regular retail prices.

This really is good stuff at a good price. H & H Jobbing Co., 840 S. Los Angeles St., Los Angeles. (213) 627-6861. Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Saturday; 2772 W. Artesia Blvd., Redondo Beach. (310) 793-9150. Open seven days.

WEEKEND SUPER SALE: This is the best time of year to replace that old TV set. With the annual electronics show in Las Vegas (where the new models are introduced) and a month of pro football extravaganzas, every electronics discounter in town is offering deals. There is so much secrecy surrounding these competitively priced products that I can't give specific prices here. So read the ads carefully and compare. Prices on last year's models will be at an all-time low.

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