City OKs List of Repairs Due to Toll Road Construction

A list of repairs to property that residents say has been damaged by toll road construction won City Council approval Tuesday.

Residents of Maverick Circle say that the Transportation Corridor Agencies, the toll road authority, reneged on promises to build a berm that would block noise and shield residents from unsightly views during construction of the San Joaquin Hills toll road.

Homeowners were also upset about a large ditch cut through the property of a Westridge Lane resident to install a water pipeline.

Representatives of the city and residents of Maverick Circle and Westridge Lane have been negotiating with TCA officials for several weeks. After reviewing several proposals, the TCA sent a list of construction options to the city and residents.

"It's their honest belief that [TCA] exhausted all possibilities here," said Councilman Joel Lautenschlager, who is on the TCA board of directors. In the letter, the council agreed to ask the TCA to:

* Install the berm.

* Build a wall in the area where the water pipe was installed.

* Pay for landscaping of slope areas affected by construction.

* Build drainage ditches of cement, rather than dirt.

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