Wilson Proposes 15% Tax Cut, More Money for Schools : Valley Impact

The Valley's share of Gov. Pete Wilson's $61.5-billion proposed budget is relatively small. But residents would be affected by proposed tax cuts and boosts in spending on education and public safety. Among those Valley-specific budget items:

CSUN: $279,000 for new telecommunications equipment and lines at CSUN to handle computer networks and telephones.

Junior colleges: $509,000 for new air conditioners at Pierce College and $283,000 for new air conditioners at Valley College; $644,000 for an addition to the aviation arts building at Glendale College.

Environment: Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy funding from the general fund remains unchanged at $96,000. The agency's total budget is also unchanged at $580,000.

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Source: State of California

Researched by AARON CURTISS / Los Angeles Times

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