Bowman Denies He Hit Player at Saugus


Saugus High Athletic Director Joe Stadum said he will meet today with football Coach Jack Bowman and a varsity player to discuss alleged physical contact between the player and coach during practice last fall.

Saugus officials became aware of the situation Thursday when they were approached by players.

“My only reaction is something is getting very blown out of proportion,” Stadum said. “We’ll sit down and talk.”


Also at the meeting will be Principal Cheryl Brown and vice principal Randy Parker.

The player, who asked not to be identified, said Bowman hit him in the stomach after the first play from scrimmage during practice on Oct. 2. It was Saugus’ first practice after a 21-6 loss to Quartz Hill on Sept. 29.

Bowman denied he punched a player, then later said, “I talked to the player. He said there was not a punch. I turned and pushed him. I pushed him and I jammed him.”

The player could not be reached to confirm his conversation with Bowman. However, he did say Wednesday:

“He did punch me,” the player said. “I don’t know if he meant to do it, but he did. He just blew up. I don’t know if he was frustrated. It took me by surprise. It wasn’t very professional and I didn’t like it at all.”

Bowman said he would never punch a player, and, “I got rid of a coach several years ago for grabbing a facemask.”

Stadum said he knows the player and was surprised by the allegations.

“[He is] a great kid,” Stadum said. “He’s a kid I’ve had a lot of contact with. If this was an issue, I think it would have been brought up. That’s a strong accusation. That’s bordering on a criminal act. I don’t think that type of situation is [not going to be] brought up for months.”


Since coming from Westminster High in 1991, Bowman has had five winning seasons at Saugus and his record is 30-21-2.