PRO FOOTBALL / DAILY REPORT : AROUND THE NFL : Bledsoe’s Father Chronicles Injuries

Associated Press

It wasn’t just the left shoulder that bothered New England quarterback Drew Bledsoe last season. The right-hander also separated his right shoulder, according to what his father, Mac, told the Boston Herald.

The elder Bledsoe said his son suffered a first-degree (least severe) separation of his throwing shoulder in against Pittsburgh on Dec. 16.

“It’s not bothering him. But when he shrugs his shoulder, the collarbone comes loose,” said Bledsoe, a high school football coach in Washington state for 26 years. “He did tear all three ligaments that hold the joint together, as well as the cartilage that acts as a buffer in there.”

The elder Bledsoe also said his son suffered a gashed left hand and five-stitch lip cut in the final game of the season, Dec. 23 against Indianapolis. Bledsoe suffered the more serious third-degree separation of his left shoulder in Week 3 against San Francisco.

His father said the right shoulder is fine now, and that although the left shoulder pops out of joint, his son will not have surgery to repair the damage.



Green Bay Packer assistant coach Gil Haskell has been transferred to a rehabilitation facility while recovering from a skull fracture suffered in a sideline accident in Dallas.

Haskell, 52, was injured when his head hit the turf as he was knocked on his back in a sideline collision during the Cowboys’ victory over the Packers in the NFC championship game Jan. 14.

He was treated at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas until the transfer to the neighboring rehabilitation institute.

Packer trainer Pepper Burruss said Haskell continues to make rapid improvement toward a full recovery.