San Gabriel Valley

PAY RAISE: There is a silver lining to the storm clouds of fiscal duress for Covina City Manager Fran Delach.

After going without a raise for two years as the city struggled to maintain its services amid a battle over whether to keep its utility tax, Delach received a new four-year contract and a 9% pay increase this week.

Delach's salary will jump to $97,285 from $89,040. The raise includes a 5% merit raise and a 4% cost-of-living increase, officials said. He rose through the ranks to become city manager two years ago.

Councilwoman Linda Sarver, who voted for the raise, said it was long overdue and that Delach's pay is low compared to those in other communities.

"We're not being generous by any means," said Sarver, who voted for the increase with Mayor Thomas O'Leary and Councilman Tom Falls.

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