Golf Course to Get New Storage Building

Over the objections of some residents, the City Council voted this week to begin construction of a new golf course maintenance facility that will cost the city about $480,000 to build.

The 7,000-square-foot building will replace the golf course's 40-year-old storage facility, which officials say is dilapidated and running out of space. It will be used to store about $700,000 worth of equipment, as well as chemicals and fertilizers, and will house administrative offices, restrooms and repair rooms.

"I find that this is really a gerrymandered structure," Councilman Joseph Anderson said of the existing structure. "The fact is that we seem to be in a very favorable bidding climate. It will have to be replaced sometime in the future anyway."

But some residents objected: "Most people feel that the golf course needs a new clubhouse more than a maintenance facility," said Tom Byrd. "Last time I checked, half a million dollars is a lot of money."

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