Newspaper Artwork

Mine was one of the letters for "The President and Me" that did not get printed. No matter. The 17 that were selected were much more poignant than mine. It was an impressive collection.

But what has prompted me to write is the artwork and the design. And I don't mean the presidential seal and the 14 daguerreotypes of the presidents that rimmed the first group of letters. No, what really grabbed me was the magnificent mural of a presidential touring car full of generals and dignitaries with Sir Winston Churchill and Harry Truman standing in the rumble seat. The limousine is shown pulling up to a college building on a wintry day when the trees are still bereft of leaves. The background is muted, as if shrouded in a haze, while the chrome on the touring car glistens in relief.

This is one of the most impressive pieces of art I've ever seen in a newspaper.


Van Nuys

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