L.A. Speak : 7-Eleven

brainfreeze v. to suffer intense stabbing pains after rapidly quaffing frozen drinks or food. "I haven't been able to blink right since that pint of Rainforest Crunch brainfreezed me."

gondola n. aisle. "She's been surfing the gondola for 20 minutes and still hasn't bought anything."

library n. magazine rack.

Lincoln drop n. dish holding spare pennies next to cash register.

martian n. someone, usually inebriated, who wanders the store looking for munchies.

nuclear burrito n. microwavable frozen tortilla and bean snack.

post-mix n. soda machine. "Those two Super Big Gulps emptied the post-mix."

slurpoid n. someone who buys a Slurpee; also, a regular customer. Syns. slurpbot, slushhead

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