Foes of Tighter Rules for Signs Lose Round

Foes of a plan for tougher restrictions on political signs lost another battle Monday night to block the proposal. Councilman Tom Carroll and Councilwoman Mary Ann Jones proposed to table an ordinance that would impose stricter penalties on illegally placed political signs. But they were outnumbered.

Mayor Walter K. Bowman and councilwomen Cecilia L. Age and Gail H. Kerry voted against tabling the issue, saying that they favor proceeding with a plan to strengthen the city's existing law governing noncommercial signs.

The council has split 3 to 2 on previous votes concerning political signs, with the majority arguing that the sign-control law needs enforcement power.

Jones has said she strongly opposes fines or fees for sign-removal costs, and Carroll has said he thinks the whole issue is being needlessly discussed.

A scheduled public hearing on a new sign-control ordinance was postponed, however, after City Atty. John E. Cavanaugh said more time is needed to research the legal issues involved.

The ordinance is now set for action at the council's April 8 meeting.

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