College Star Named to Sports Hall of Fame

Former Valley College football player and coach Don Shinnick--also a Super Bowl veteran--has been inducted into the California Community College Sports Hall of Fame for 1995.

"From the Valley College standpoint, Don began at Valley and he ended at Valley, and he spent 13 years in professional football in between," said Dale Beck, the school's sports information director. "He's recognized by his peers as an outstanding linebacker. As a coach, he has longevity--and coaches don't usually last that long."

Shinnick, 60, played running back and linebacker for the Valley College Monarchs in 1953 before transferring to UCLA, where he played until 1956. After graduation, he signed with the Baltimore Colts, where he played until 1969. He also played for the Chicago Bears, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Oakland Raiders.

While with the Colts, he went to the NFL championships--the precursor to the Super Bowl--in 1958, 1959 and 1964, and to the Super Bowl in 1969. He holds the National Football League record for career interceptions as a linebacker at 37.

As a linebacker coach, Shinnick returned to the Super Bowl twice more--in 1975 with the Raiders and in 1986 with the New England Patriots. After a handful of other coaching stints, Shinnick returned to Valley College as a linebacker coach for the 1994 season.

At Valley College, Shinnick was best known for his easygoing coaching style, Beck said. "He's not a screamer."

Shinnick will be recognized by Valley College President Tyree Wieder at the April 10 meeting of the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees.

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