Marine Layer Returns With Spring Weather

Spring begins this week and weather forecasters expect warmer weather for the occasion. There will be morning fog but no rain for the San Fernando Valley.

"We have weather more like June going on right now," said Eugene Van Cor, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard.

While spring officially begins Wednesday, the coastal marine layer--which brings morning fog and low clouds--has already returned to the region, Van Cor said. Usually, the marine layer disappears during winter months.

An eddy, a counterclockwise swirl of moist air, has also formed off the coast, contributing to the foggy conditions. Morning clouds and fog will typically burn off in the afternoons, leaving Valley residents with sunny skies, Van Cor said.

The arrival of spring could mean less rain, but that's not certain, Van Cor said.

"March is still only halfway over," he said. "But your odds are better than even that we're not going to see that much more rain."

The area had a fair amount of rain this season, Van Cor said. Since July 1, 11.65 inches have fallen, compared with normal precipitation of 12.44 inches. Some areas have seen slightly higher than normal rainfall.

The National Weather Service is predicting high temperatures in the 70s across the Valley today. The specific levels will depend on how long it takes for the sun to burn off the morning fog.

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