The Eagle Rock Now Belongs to Los Angeles

Some see a magnificent eagle, wings spread as if it were taking off from a massive rock visible from the Ventura Freeway. Others see the whole rock as a giant eagle head in profile.

Whichever it is, the 50-foot-high chunk of stone is the Eagle Rock, a historical landmark and namesake of the community that surrounds the formation. The rock is now officially the property of the city of Los Angeles.

Late last summer, the city agreed to pay nearly $700,000 to a developer who had plans to build an apartment complex at the foot of the Eagle Rock.


Now the hunk of rock and the land around it is administered by the city’s Department of Recreation and Parks.

Community members joined Native Americans of the Gabrielino tribe over the weekend to celebrate the official dedication of the Eagle Rock. The event was sponsored by City Councilman Richard Alatorre.