Madonna Memo

Hoo-Boy! Is J.D. Crowe unclear on the concept of the Madonna Inn! (“Our Night at Madonna’s,” Weekend Escape, May 5). People come from all over the world to stay at the inn, and return many times, because of the very ambience that Mr. Crow obviously didn’t “get.”

In the lobby, there is a reprint of an article on Baroque design. It states in part that Baroque is an exuberant celebration of color, opulence and theatricality. Each of the rooms reflects a variation on that theme--all of it fun and upbeat. Even Mr. Crowe admits he grinned in his Caveman room. Wow!

We locals love the dining room. The food is superb, the service excellent, and the color and lighting make it more than just “eating out.” We smile a lot.

If, indeed, the Crowes do pack a picnic next time, there are hundreds of generic hotels and motels along the way. But the Madonna Inn is unique--come prepared for a wonderful fantasy.



San Luis Obispo