Marge Schott

Re “Another Foul Schott,” editorial, June 7: I was dismayed by your lines, “Reporters of course have the right to ask Schott questions. But we surely wouldn’t mind if, when she made these foolish remarks, the batteries in all the recording equipment just happened to fail.”

That’s amazing! You’re saying that you wish the press wouldn’t report it when [Cincinnati Reds owner] Marge Schott lets loose with her bigoted invective. Your editorial and hypocritical wish to the contrary, this isn’t the first Times piece about Schott and her penchant for putting her foot in her mouth and it probably won’t be the last.

By expressing your desire that the press not cover it, you seem to be saying that nasty bigotry by the wealthy and the influential should be ignored. Please wake up to the grim fact that ignoring bigotry is tantamount to endorsing it!



Los Angeles


Just in case there may be a few people who believe Schott’s statement that Hitler “was good at the beginning, but he just went too far,” let me say that Hitler was rotten from the day he was born.

In 1924, nine years before assuming power, he wrote in “Mein Kampf” that his aim was the destruction of the world’s Jews and the subjugation of the whole world to the German master race. Schott may be suitable to be in charge of a cesspool, but not a baseball team.