2 Major Projects Included in Budget

The city’s budget for the coming fiscal year includes funds for two major projects: buying rights-of-way for the long-planned widening of Loma Street and adding on to the Civic Building.

The City Council has reviewed the budget and has set a public hearing and vote on the proposal at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

City Manager Fred Maley said the fiscal plan designates $100,000 for the Loma Street project and $125,000 for the Civic Building at 17855 Santiago Blvd.

Money for the Loma Street project will come from the Orange County Transportation Authority, Maley said. The city expects to receive $100,000 this year for the first phase of the widening, which will take several years.


Maley said the Civic Building construction calls for adding 1,200 square feet of office and administrative space, including an office for the city’s Community Access Television Corporation, now housed in a trailer.

Maley said the CATC, which oversees public use of cable television, will pay $40,000 to the city for its share of the Civic Building addition.

The city’s total proposed budget for the new fiscal year, which begins July 1, is $1.8 million.