Welcome--Now Leave

Christopher Reynolds ("Unscrubbed New Mexico," June 2) has not a clue about New Mexico, except that he did drive in our state.

I am the woman who has the "doodad-filled" gift shop at the St. James Hotel. I am highly offended by this statement. He obviously did not step in to see beautifully made Native American jewelry or the large selection of books dealing with Western history.Our small community of approximately 1,000 is home to the Philmont Scout Ranch, the national Boy Scout ranch that serves 25,000 Scouts every year. The Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, N.M., is a fabulous hotel--or were your eyes closed throughout your visit?

Take a hike, Mr. Reynolds, but not in this beautiful state. As the saying goes, "Welcome to New Mexico; now go home."


Cimarron, N.M.

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