Jodie Foster Settles Lawsuit Against PolyGram and Will Continue With Company

Actress Jodie Foster has settled her lawsuit against European entertainment giant PolyGram, where she has a production deal, involving a dispute over whether she would star in a film called "The Game." In a joint statement, both sides said they regret that the fight ended up in court. Foster said she and her Egg Pictures will continue their PolyGram association. PolyGram Filmed Entertainment President Michael Kuhn said he will "do everything to justify her continuing trust in the PolyGram relationship." Foster sued PolyGram in June, alleging that the company broke an agreement calling for her to star in the film for its Propaganda Films unit. Foster alleged that because of an oral agreement to star in the film, she "took herself off the market" by telling other companies that she couldn't consider projects because she was committed. She also alleged that PolyGram then repudiated the agreement, saying there had been no deal. Neither side released details of the settlement.

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