County Property Tax Assessment Measures

When will politicians stop taxing a minority group--the property owner? Measures A, AA, BB and K--all worthy causes--all to be paid for by the so-called deep pockets of the property owner. Again? And again? All benefit, all pay. Why isn't it as simple as that?


Los Angeles

* On behalf of the Agoura-Cala- basas area campaign committee for Prop. A, I congratulate The Times on its endorsement of this critically needed Nov. 5 ballot measure (editorial, Oct. 20). As a fiscal conservative I support Prop. A because I know it is desperately needed, and because I know there are no other available funding sources to obtain facilities and disappearing natural land for the next generation which Prop. A helps provide, including acquisitions to help complete the last six miles of the 70-mile Backbone Trail winding through the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

While $1 million will come to the cities of Agoura Hills and Calabasas to help construct the Las Virgenes area's long-needed regional community center/gymnasium, there is truly "something for everyone" in our immense county. Yes, it may be true that not every resident lives next door to one of the 140 projects identified by the citizens' advisory committee, but our cash-strapped cities will get per parcel funds to help improve local parks and provide other recreational programs all over the county.

Besides community-based projects, Santa Monica Bay's water quality will be improved, and popular family venues from the Hollywood Bowl to the L.A. Zoo to the Natural History Museum will benefit. A yearly independent audit and public report is required to be sure the funds are spent as intended. Fiscal conservatives applaud this oversight procedure.

Let your friends, neighbors and relatives across L.A. County know how important this measure is, and urge them to vote yes!


Agoura/Calabasas Campaign

for Prop. A Committee

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