Strip Bits

Boundaries of the Sunset Strip: Crescent Heights Boulevard on the east, Doheny Road on the west.

Length: 1.7 miles.

Number of hotels on the Strip: 8.

Number of House of Blues souvenir T-shirts sold per week: 300 to 500.

Number of acts booked at the House of Blues since April 1994: 900.

Number of Classic Shredded Chicken Salads sold per day at the Sunset Plaza Chin Chin: 200. Number of billboards on the Strip, including advertisements painted on buildings: 67.

Number of people who attended Tony Bennett book signing at Book Soup on a recent rainy weekday afternoon: 300.

Book Soup's top-selling title in 1996: "You'll Never Make Love in This Town Again."

Number of psychics' storefronts on the Strip: 2.

Maps to stars' homes sold at Gil Turner's Fine Wines and Spirits per week: 250.

Most expensive bottle sold at Gil Turner's: Magnum of La Grande Dame Brut champagne, 1988, $450.

Address at which "77 Sunset Strip" was filmed: 8524.

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