‘Living Wage’ Proposal

* I am writing to express my opposition to the proposed “living wage” ordinance now before the City Council.

Our small, family-owned manufacturing business in Los Angeles has almost 70 employees. We have been in our present location since 1946, and we have always had a majority of our work force live in the immediate neighborhood.

We hold no city contracts, so this ordinance would not affect us directly. However, we believe that enactment would be another signal that Los Angeles is not truly interested in job creation or supporting the stability and growth of the private sector.

Despite our small size, our company distributes products nationwide and at export. We are now at a competitive disadvantage when we compete with foreign manufacturers or with products produced in business-friendly states and communities. The higher California minimum wage starting in March will only further limit our ability to hire any additional employees.


Small businesses generate the majority of new jobs and the majority of jobs open to those with few job skills. We believe the “living wage” ordinance would be bad for Los Angeles, bad for business and bad for the people who would supposedly be helped.


Los Angeles