United Way Seeks Aid on Funding Decisions

The United Way of Ventura County needs volunteers to help decide how to distribute money from its current fund-raising drive.

In March, 20 teams of volunteers will begin evaluating more than 60 eligible organizations throughout the county to determine how much money each should receive from the United Way.

Among the organizations requesting funds are hospices, youth development programs, services for the disabled and the elderly, and groups providing food and shelter to the homeless. Organizations will be evaluated by volunteers according to their effectiveness, financial management, need for funding and other criteria.

Distribution of funds for special projects to prevent child abuse, juvenile delinquency and gang activity in the county will also be decided by volunteers.

Volunteers will be expected to devote 25 to 30 hours to the United Way's evaluation process over a period of three months.

Anyone interested in the project should call Beverly Viola at 485-6288 before Jan. 27.

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