Villa Park Plans Survey About Coyotes


Before voting on whether to trap or kill coyotes that have been wandering into town, the City Council will take a survey to find out what residents think should be done.

Questionnaires will be prepared by volunteers representing both foes and advocates of killing the animals. Volunteers will then distribute the survey sheets to homes.

Mayor Barry L. Denes said he is disturbed by reports that a number of household pets have been killed by coyotes.

The issue, which drew crowds of residents to council meetings last fall, was raised again last week by Councilwoman Patricia L. Bortle. She said that during her campaign for election last year she found that residents are extremely concerned about coyotes.


“I said I would bring it up to the council if elected,” she said.

Bortle said a telephone hotline has been set up to take reports of coyote sightings and household pets that have been killed. Resident Jim Hasdon, who has been monitoring the line, said that since Nov. 10 there have been 81 coyote sightings reported and 13 household pets killed.

“I know for a fact that coyotes are responsible for most of the pet deaths,” Hasdon said.

But Jane Garrison of Fullerton, representing Orange County People for Animals, disputed that coyotes have killed pets. She urged the council not to consider trapping or killing the wild animals.


Council members asked Garrison to work with Villa Park resident Sherry Zakowicz on the questionnaire. Zakowicz is among those calling for action to control coyotes.