CSUN Fish Research Program Gets Gift

Due to a gift from a local exhibition organizer, children in the Los Angeles and Long Beach school districts will have a new venue to observe large saltwater fish.

In late January, Cal State Northridge’s Nearshore Marine Fish Research Program received $7,500 to build a portable, 4,000-gallon saltwater tank.

The tank will contain several fish species native to Southern California waters.

“We’ll use the tank not only to educate the public about conservation, but to help our graduate students with the study of the local commercial fish population,” said Larry Allen, CSUN professor of biology and director of the research group.


The donation was made by Fred Hall & Associates, a Camarillo-based organizer of fishing tackle and boat exhibitions.

“It’s a good example of how scientists and private industry can work together for a common goal,” Allen said.

According to Allen, more research on commercial fishing is needed because of economic and environmental concerns.

“Commercial fishing is on the decline all over the world,” Allen said. “It’s estimated that some ocean fishing regions will be completely depleted within a decade.”


The tank will be built and based at the Southern California Marine Institute at Terminal Island.

Although the tank is portable, it weighs 17 tons when filled.

“It will be easier bringing people to the tank, instead of moving it around a lot,” Allen said.

With possession of the new tank, the Nearshore Research group will be able help educational groups such as Project Oceans, a program that brings sea animals to schoolchildren in Los Angeles and Long Beach.