Park Service Seeking Volunteer Cyclists

The National Park Service is seeking volunteer cyclists for its mountain bike unit at the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area.

The bike patrol offers trail guidance and basic first-aid services throughout the recreation area’s 60,000 acres of public parkland. The program is sponsored by Concerned Off Road Bicyclists Assn.

Applicants must undergo an initial screening process, as well as certification training in CPR and first aid. They will also be taught basic radio procedures and will be put through scenarios commonly encountered on mountain bike patrols.

The training takes 35 hours over 10 weeks. After certification, volunteers are expected to patrol a minimum of eight hours per month, wearing their uniforms.


Participants need their own mountain bikes and helmets.

Regardless of experience, the volunteers must also take an introductory mountain-biking course at Malibu Creek State Park, which is offered the first of each month. The next course will take place at 9 a.m. on March 1.

For more information, call Carola Lindquist at (818) 991-1210 or Joe Dillman at (818) 706-2789.