Shoe of a Different Color: Santa Monica-based...


Shoe of a Different Color: Santa Monica-based L.A. Gear Inc. ran into hot water recently when it used an old commercial to pitch a new line of children’s shoes.

Rather than shoot a new commercial, the financially troubled company tacked a picture of its Neonz shoe onto the end of an old TV spot for its Lights shoe. But an industry watchdog group objected, saying the jerry-built spot could confuse children about which colors are available.

It opened with children wearing red-blinking Lights sneakers while playing basketball at night. Then it cut to a shot of blue-lighted Neonz sneakers with the voice-over: “Something new from L.A. Gear.”

In response to a complaint from the Children’s Advertising Review Unit, L.A. Gear said it has modified the ad by including Neonz that blink a pinkish-red. The review body is a unit of the Better Business Bureau.


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