Times Endorsements in Tuesday’s Elections

These are The Times’ recommendations for the two Los Angeles County tax issues and the Los Angeles city and Board of Education runoffs in Tuesday’s elections. Most ballots will contain only a few of these races, and only residents in areas that use county fire and library services will vote on Propositions E and L.

Ballot Measures

L.A. County Proposition E: Replacement Funding for Fire and Paramedic Services. YES.

Passage of Proposition E by the required two-thirds of voters would ensure that the county’s fire protection district continues to receive the $51.7 million in supplemental funding it annually needs, paid for from an existing assessment, averaging $48 a year, on property tax bills. Its loss would mean reductions in firefighter and paramedic staffs and equipment.


L.A. County Proposition L: Library Services and Facilities Funding. YES.

Proposition L assures funding via property tax assessment averaging $22 a year that helps mitigate a state reappropriation of Los Angeles County property taxes that has cost the county library system some $31 million annually since 1993. Its passage by a two-thirds majority would ensure current levels of library services. Its failure would result in cuts in library hours, book and periodical purchases and the like.

Los Angeles City Council

District 11: Cindy Miscikowski.


Board of Education

District 4: Kenneth Sackman.

Community College Trustees

District 4: Kelly Candaele.

District 6: Althea Baker.

Charter Reform Commissioners

In April, voters approved Proposition 8, establishing a citizens commission to revise the city’s 72-year-old charter. Approval of that measure permitted election of 15 representatives to the commission, one from each City Council district. Eight seats were filled in the April primary. Tuesday’s runoff election will determine winners in the remaining seven districts. Below are The Times’ endorsements in these races, based on questionnaires filled out by the candidates.

District 4: Bill Weinberger, attorney.


District 6: Chester A. Widom, architect.

District 9: Ricardo A. Torres II, attorney.

District 11: Rob Glushon, attorney.

District 13: Bennett Kayser, teacher.

District 14: David Tokofsky, L.A. Board of Education

District 15: Jerry Gaines, teacher.