Execs for Sun Microsystems, Intel to Speak


Technology junkies with a few bucks in their pockets can get a double fix this week as two of the computer industry’s top executives discuss evolving technologies and their impact on the consumer market during the Design Automation Conference at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Automated design is the discipline that enables electronics engineers to develop the intricate chips and other components that are helping collapse the boundaries between office and home.

Among other things, designers are looking at products that will fuse the television, personal computer, telephone, copier and fax machine into a single unit.

The conference runs through Friday at the Anaheim Convention Center, with the big guns talking Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon.


Sun Microsystems Inc.'s chairman, president and chief executive, Scott G. McNealey, kicks things off with the opening address at 9 a.m. Tuesday. McNealey, whose $46 billion-a-year company is a major international provider of the technologies that help the Internet, is scheduled to discuss the computer industry’s role in electronic design automation and the eventual impact on consumer products.

At Thursday’s keynote luncheon, Michael Aymar, vice president and general manager of microchip giant Intel Corp., is expected to talk about how the meshing of video, audio, animation, imaging and Internet technologies can improve productivity and work and provide new forms of entertainment in the home.

For those who didn’t sign up for the full conference in advance, single-day registrations are available at the convention center for $140 each. A two-day registration costs $260. The conference Web site is