Cooler, Pleasant Week Forecast


The San Fernando Valley will be slightly cooler but pleasant during the early part of this week, warming up again for the July 4 weekend.

“That’s pretty much normal for the end of June,” said Bruce Rockwell, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard.

A weak low-pressure front had swept through the area late Saturday, bringing the cooling effects of sea breezes and clouds, but no rain, Rockwell said. That cooling will continue at least through today, giving the area slightly lower temperatures than usual, forecasters said.


Also affecting weather in Southern California is another low-pressure front in the atmosphere in Northern California, said John Sherwin, a meteorologist with WeatherData, which provides weather information to The Times.

Breezes should continue into Tuesday, Sherwin said.

By then, temperatures should start warming up. By Wednesday and Thursday, highs could reach the mid- to upper 80s, Rockwell said. By Friday, temperatures could be in the 90s, Sherwin said.

Today, high temperatures are expected to reach 76 in Burbank and 80 in Woodland Hills.