Convicted Drug Supplier to Actor’s Son Is Attacked

Harry Perzigian, the man convicted of supplying cocaine to the late son of actor Carroll O’Connor and who recently lost a defamation lawsuit against O’Connor, was assaulted in Brentwood, police said Tuesday.

Los Angeles Police Department Det. Ron Phillips said Perzigian suffered a half-inch cut on his head in the incident that occurred Saturday at 1:30 a.m. He declined to give further details.

Perzigian’s lawyer, Allan Sigel, said that when Perzigian got out of his car near his Brentwood residence, someone appeared from behind a shrub, shouted “Die, murderer!” hit Perzigian on the head with an unknown object and fled.


Perzigian said in an interview that a friend drove him to a hospital and he received stitches for his wound.

Perzigian testified during the defamation case that because O’Connor told where Perzigian lived and showed his photo on television, he was afraid he would be harassed by O’Connor’s fans.

“I would prophesize this is not the last of it,” Sigel said.