Principals to Meet Thursday to Discuss Realignment Plans

A meeting of the Orange County releaguing committee has been scheduled Thursday at Fountain Valley High to further discuss the placement of private high schools Mater Dei and Santa Margarita in public school leagues, as well as the placement of Esperanza.

Esperanza wants to leave the Sunset League because of geographical concerns.

“I honestly don’t know what this meeting will result in,” said Huntington Beach High Principal Jim Staunton, chairman of the releaguing committee. “But I do think there is concern about private schools in the public school leagues. My goal is to have a good, thorough discussion.”

Dean Crowley, Southern Section commissioner, asked for the committee to be reconvened, Staunton said. The committee, composed of county principals, last met Nov. 13, when it decided by vote to resubmit the same realignment plan that the section rejected in October.