Cloris Leachman and the R-e-g-i-m-e-n


Don’t say the F-word (or the E- or D-words) in front of Cloris Leachman.

“Throw out words like ‘fitness,’ ‘exercise,’ ‘diet,’ ” the actress advised during a phone interview. “All those good words--'physically fit'--I’ve gotten so sick of those words. It sucks.

“I like that word: Suck up life, suck up good stuff. Throw out all those other boring, dead, overused, meaningless words. This is my interview. I hope you like it so far.”


So far, so good, but that was to be expected from the woman who earned two Emmys for her Phyllis Lindstrom character on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” (1970-1975) and an Academy Award (1971’s “The Last Picture Show”).

“I travel around an awful lot and eat in restaurants and hotels,” said Leachman, 71, and she has been on the road more than a year with “Showboat.” “It’s shocking to see the menus they have. It’s all you can do to find something to eat.”

So, Leachman has designed a f-i-t-n-e-s-s routine that works for her whether she’s traveling with the musical troupe or in Utah filming her recurring role on television’s “Touched by an Angel” (CBS).

The D-i-e-t

Morning: Hot water with lemon, fresh oranges put through a juicer, rind and all, plus a green apple; carrot drink with vegetables and an apple; fresh apple juice with herbs, fiber and nutrients; any fruit in season, or a banana and oat bran with maple syrup.

Afternoon: “Make your taste buds happy.” Her favorite flavorings are olive oil, lemon, garlic, scallions, onions and the seasoning Spike. She’ll have a cucumber or a tuna sandwich with celery; baked potato; shredded carrots, cucumbers and beets on butter lettuce, or string beans.

Evening: It could be any or all of: fish; short-grain brown rice with scallions, white pepper and olive oil; tofu; lentils, and tortilla or potato soup.

Sweets: “Chocolate cake with whipped cream, and I take off all the frosting. If you want to have something sweet, have it. But don’t make it the reason for the meal.”


Leachman puts in about 20 minutes every day of weights, jumping jacks, breathing and stretching. “I also stretch in the bathtub. And I was toweling myself with a big towel and . . . I thought--'Gee, I should do a little video--"Exercises With Your Bath Towel.” ’ “


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