Park Centre Project Gets Master Permit

The Calabasas City Council unanimously approved a new master conditional-use permit for the long-awaited, once-controversial Calabasas Park Centre development.

After years of negotiations among the city, residents and the developer, the action at a council meeting Wednesday night brings the project a step closer to reality.

The new plan, now envisioned as a regional destination and centerpiece for the city, is considerably different than that approved by Los Angeles County in the late 1980s.

Kilroy Calabasas Associates agreed to several conditions to gain approval of the permit.

Notably, it reduced the number of seats allowed in the multiplex cinema and cut the entire project from nearly 1.5-million square feet to 750,000 square feet.

That could be increased to 900,000 square feet if certain conditions are met, including the dedication of at least one acre of property to the city--possibly for a city hall facility.

The developer also agreed to pay up to $45,000 to make improvements to streets adjacent to the project, to lessen the impact of the development on residential roads.

City officials and the developer said that enough work was done to the infrastructure around the site--south of Calabasas Road between Park Granada and Parkway Calabasas--to handle a development twice the size.

But Kilroy officials, to ensure that the project does not generate more than its limit of 15,000 average daily trips, agreed to provide what they termed "added insurance."

The traffic will be continually monitored and should it increase, the developer has agreed to pay as much as $200,000 to fix the problems.

The Calabasas Planning Commission is now reviewing the project's architectural design guidelines, which will then go to the council for final approval.

Once approved, site plans for the individual aspects of the project--retail, an office complex, a civic center and a hotel--will be considered using those guidelines.

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