Dodger Fans Agree: They Hate the Jints

Every spring of the '90s, the Dodgers consider the pennant already won--how could they lose with so much talent and so many rookies of the year?

So what do the other teams have that interferes with such an arrogant destiny? If you look at the proven successful teams of the past, they all tend to have certain key attributes: quality left-handed starters, dangerous left-handed power hitters, excellent defense up the middle, and a lineup that can take pitches and get on base.

Oops. The Dodgers of the '90s take a doughnut! The big O-fer. Maybe, just maybe, the Dodgers could learn from history. But probably not. Most likely, next spring we will hear again, "We are going to the World Series." And once again, another team will go instead. Lefties. Defense. Disciplined hitting. Its all very simple.



The Giants haven't won a World Series game in 35 years. The only reason they even went to the '89 Series was because they faced the Cubs in the playoffs. The Dodgers lead the Giants, 38-7, in playoff games won during that time.

Their stadium is horrible. Their fans are shameful. So there.


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