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What: All-sports radio station KXMG (1540)

Yes, Los Angeles has another all-sports radio station. KXMG, 50,000 watts during the day and 10,000 at night, converted from Spanish language to all-sports on Monday without much fanfare. The station was bought by the Chicago-based One-On-One radio network, a syndicator with about 350 affiliates. KXMG was one of three stations acquired by One-On-One from Spanish Broadcasting Systems. WXLX in New York and WCMQ in Miami were the other two. All three went to all-sports formats on Monday.

One-On-One programming was last heard in the Los Angeles area on KWNK (760) before it went to a Spanish-language format on April 1. While KWNK carried One-On-One programming mixed with local programming, that is not the case with KXMG. It is all One-On-One programming, 24 hours a day.


One good thing about syndicating programming is it generally isn’t as raunchy as local programming, although you wouldn’t call Papa Joe Chevalier’s “Bite Me Wednesday” and “Bite Me Not” segments exactly sophisticated. Chevalier’s show, which used to be carried by KWNK, is on 3-7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Chevalier got his start by calling into the Sports Entertainment Network (SEN) when it was based in Las Vegas. When SEN was bought by One-On-One in 1993 and moved to Chicago, Chevalier moved too. Chevalier has made a name for himself by looking at most things through a fan’s perspective. He created such things as the “fans’ manifesto” and the “fans’ bill of rights.”

Another show of note is one with Peter Brown from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Brown came to One-On-One from ESPN Radio, where he worked with Chuck Wilson and Tony Bruno.

On the weekends, there is Sunday’s “Around the NFL” with Bob Berger and Bruce Murray, beginning at 9 a.m. This show is similar to “The NFL in Action,” which KMPC carried during its all-sports days. TNT’s Mark May and Newsday’s Bob Glauber are also regulars on “Around the NFL.” Following “Around the NFL” is “Players Inc. Radio” with Fox commentator Matt Millen and Dan Miller of WTEM in Washington. This show is co-produced by Players, Inc., the marketing arm of the NFL Players Assn.

According to One-On-One President Chris Brennan, KXMG will stay with syndicated programming exclusively. “We consider ourselves the USA Today of sports radio,” Brennan said.