The death of Princess Diana caught the English music weekly Melody Maker in an awkward situation. The paper, which was to have been published Tuesday, featured a photo montage depicting Diana as a punk rocker with a Mohawk haircut, along with other prominent British leaders in similar fashion. The issue was ultimately delayed so that the printer could place a white sticker over the offending image before it hit newsstands.

The death's shock waves were felt throughout the British and European music world, well beyond the visible acts of Michael Jackson's canceling a concert in Belgium last week and Bono's breaking down in tears twice during a Dublin concert last Sunday and changing lyrics in "Gone" to pay tribute to Diana.

A reunion show by the influential techno-pop duo the KLF (billed as 2K) was postponed from last Tuesday to Sept. 17, and Primal Scream has delayed a short tour planned to climax with two outdoor dates in London's Victoria Park this weekend. The latter decision was not only out of respect for the Princess and her family, but also for the practical reason that with the huge crowds expected for her Saturday funeral, no police would be available for concert security.

Sensitivity has also caused Australian pop star Kylie Minogue to scrap the title of her upcoming album, which was to have been called "Impossible Princess."

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