Police Dispatch Center Will Serve 3 Cities

Cypress, Los Alamitos and Seal Beach are combining police dispatch services, which include 911 calls, in an effort that should reduce costs for all three communities, authorities said Monday.

The West Cities Communications Center was recently created by a joint-powers agreement among the three cities after the countywide implementation of a law enforcement communications radio system, Kevin Justen, a spokesman for Cypress, said.

“The transition will be totally seamless,” Justen said. “All three cities approved the measure, which should save about $500,000 during the first five years of operations.”

Rita Fraser, dispatch supervisor for the center, said enhanced services will improve police response.


A total of 17 dispatchers and administrators will work at the center, located at Seal Beach police headquarters. A dedication ceremony is planned for Sept. 29, and the center will begin operations Oct. 1.