Wilson Backs Pringle’s Bid for State Treasurer


Gov. Pete Wilson is backing former Assembly Speaker Curt Pringle in his bid for the Republican nomination for state treasurer against Assemblyman Jan Goldsmith.

Wilson, who rarely issues endorsements in primaries, decided to support Pringle in the June 2 primary because “he believes Pringle can deliver, knows the issues, and is a shrewd and savvy politician,” a senior Wilson advisor said Saturday.

The governor plans to make an official announcement of the Pringle endorsement on Monday.


Jeff Flint, Pringle’s campaign manager, welcomed the support.

“The governor has overwhelming support from Republican voters in the state, particularly among Republican primary voters,” he said. “We feel this will have a positive impact on our campaign.”

Goldsmith, a moderate Republican from Poway, could not be reached for comment.

“The governor believes that this position is very important,” the Wilson advisor said. “If we are going to keep the economic recovery going, Curt is the most dynamic, best qualified person for the job. He has the greatest depth of the Republican candidates running.”

Wilson’s respect for Pringle was enhanced by the assemblyman’s work on the state tax cut last year. Wilson also was among the top Republicans Pringle consulted before deciding to run for treasurer.

Pringle’s political history is not without controversy.

The candidacy of the Garden Grove Republican has been denounced by Latino activists, who accuse him of being insensitive.


In 1988, the Orange County Republican Party posted uniformed security guards at 20 Santa Ana polling places carrying signs--paid for by Pringle’s campaign--reading “Noncitizens can’t vote” in English and Spanish.