The Emmy Winners Announced on Saturday

* Classical music-dance program: “Yo-Yo Ma Inspired by Bach,” PBS.

* Children’s program: “Muppets Tonight,” Disney; “Nick News Special Edition: What Are You Staring At?,” Nickelodeon.

* Nonfiction special: “Vietnam POWs--Stories of Survival,” Discovery.

* Nonfiction series: “The American Experience,” PBS.


* Animated program (one hour or less): “The Simpsons,” Fox.

* Commercial: “Apple Computer--Think Different,” TBWA Chiat/Day.

* Guest actor, comedy series: Mel Brooks, “Mad About You.”

* Guest actor, drama series: John Larroquette, “The Practice,” ABC.


* Guest actress, comedy series: Emma Thompson, “Ellen,” ABC.

* Guest actress, drama series: Cloris Leachman, “Promised Land,” CBS.

* Voice-over performance: Hank Azaria, “The Simpsons.”

* Art direction, series: Graeme Murray, Greg Loewen, Shirley Inget, “The X-Files,” Fox.


* Art direction, miniseries or movie: Roger Hall, John King, Mike Boone, Karen Brookes, “Merlin,” NBC.

* Art direction, variety or music program: Randy Ser, Edward L. Rubin, Julie Kaye Fanton, “Rogers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella,” ABC.

* Cinematography, series: Constantine Makris, “Law & Order,” NBC.

* Cinematography, miniseries or movie: William Wages, Eric Van Haren Noman, “What the Deaf Man Heard,” CBS.


* Casting, series: Lou Digiaimo, Pat Moran, Brett Goldstein, “Homicide: Life on the Street,” NBC.

* Casting, miniseries or movie: Meg Liberman, Marc Hirschfeld, Sharon Klein, Mark Fincannon, Lisa Mae Wells Fincannon, Craig Fincannon, Deborah Brown, “From the Earth to the Moon,” HBO.

* Choreography: Daniel Ezralow, Marguerite Derricks, Peggy Holmes, “Fame L.A.,” syndicated.

* Costuming, series: LuEllyn Harper, Carol Lupo, “NewsRadio,” NBC.


* Costuming, miniseries, movie or special: Amy Stofsky, “The Pentagon Wars,” HBO.

* Costume design, series: Dan Moore, “The Magnificent Seven,” CBS.

* Costume design, miniseries or movie: Ann Hollowood, “Merlin,” NBC.

* Costume design, variety or music program: Jane Ruhm, “Tracey Takes On . . . ,” HBO.


* Single-camera picture editing, series: Heather MacDougall, “The X-Files,” Fox.

* Single-camera picture editing, miniseries or movie: Eric Sears, “Gia,” HBO.

* Multi-camera picture editing, series: Ron Volk, “Frasier,” NBC.

* Multi-camera picture editing, miniseries, movie or special: Richard Daws, Jason Porthouse, “Stomp Out Loud,” HBO.


* Makeup, series: Todd A. McIntosh, John Vulich, John Maldonado, John Wheaton, Gerald Quist, Margie Latinopoulos, Dayne Johnson, Alan Friedman, Craig Reardon, Michael Blake, Robin Beauchesne, Brigette Myre-Ellis, Mark Shostrom, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” WB.

* Makeup, miniseries, movie or special: Aileen Seaton, Mark Coulier, “Merlin,” NBC.

* Hairstyling, series: Audree Futterman, “Tracey Takes On . . . ,” HBO.

* Hairstyling, miniseries, movie or special: Vicky Phillips, Lynda Gurasich, “From the Earth to the Moon,” HBO.


* Lighting direction (electronic), comedy series: Donald A. Morgan, “Home Improvement,” ABC.

* Lighting direction (electronic), drama series, variety series, miniseries, movie or special: Robert Dickinson, Andy O’Reilly, Matt Ford, Bob Barnhart, “The 70th Annual Academy Awards,” ABC.

* Main title design: Kasumi Mihori, Billy Pittard, Ed Sullivan, “The Wonderful World of Disney,” ABC.

* Music composition, series (dramatic underscore): Christophe Beck, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” WB.


* Music composition, miniseries or movie (dramatic underscore): Bruce Broughton, “Glory & Honor,” TNT.

* Music direction: Bill Conti, “The 70th Annual Academy Awards,” ABC.

* Music and lyrics: Alf Clausen, Ken Keeler, for “You’re Checkin’ In (A Musical Tribute to the Betty Ford Center)” on “The Simpsons,” Fox.

* Main title theme music: Maribeth Derry, Tom Snow, Robbie Buchanan, Richard Barton Lewis, “Fame L.A.,” syndicated.


* Sound editing, series: Walter Newman, Darren Wright, Rick Camera, Darleen Stoker-Kageyama, Cathy Flynn-Morris, Tom Harris, Michael D. Dittrick, Casey Crabtree, James Bailey, “ER,” NBC.

* Sound editing, miniseries, movie or special: Michael Graham, Greg Schorer, Kristi Johns, Suzanne Angel, Bill Bell, Mark Friedgen, Bob Costanza, Rob Webber, Gary Macheel, Rick Steele, Lou Thomas, Adriane Marfiak, Anton Holden, Michael Lyle, David Eichhorn, Mark Steele, Tim Terusa, Rusty Tinsley, Kim Naves, Tim Chilton, Jill Schachne, “Rough Riders,” TNT.

* Sound mixing, comedy series or special: Paul Lewis, Nello Torri, Kurt Kassulke, Peter R. Kelsey, “Ally McBeal,” Fox.

* Sound mixing, variety or music series or special: Edward J. Greene, Tom Vicari, Robert Douglass, Patrick Baltzell, “The 70th Annual Academy Awards,” ABC.


* Sound mixing, drama series: Russell Fager, Rusty Russell Smith, William Freesh, “Chicago Hope,” CBS.

* Sound mixing, miniseries or movie: Russell Williams II, David E. Fluhr, Adam Jenkins, “12 Angry Men,” Showtime.

* Special visual effects, series: Pedro Pires, “Yo-Yo Ma Inspired by Bach,” PBS.

* Special visual effects, miniseries or movie: Tim Webber, Stefan Lange, Matthew Cope, Richard Conway, Tim Greenwood, George Roper, Murray Butler, Angus Wilson, Pedro Sabrosa, William Bartlett, Avtar Bains, “Merlin,” NBC.


* Technical direction/camera/video, series: Gene Crowe, David Chameides, Hank Geving, Larry Heider, Robert L. Highton, Don Lenzer, Bill Philbin, Chuck Reilly, John O’Brien, “ER,” NBC.

* Technical direction/camera/video, special: Emmett Loughran, Miguel Armstrong, Juan Barrera, Jim Covello, John Feher, Manny Gutierrez, Jake Ostroff, David Smith, Ron Washburn, William Steinberg, “The Metropolitan Opera Presents Carmen,” PBS.

* Achievement in nonfiction programming, cinematography: Richard Chisolm, Paul Goldsmith, Buddy Squires, Jerry Cotts, Nick Caloyianis, Jon Else, “National Geographic: America’s Endandered Species--Don’t Say Goodbye,” NBC; Jim Dutcher, “Wolves at Our Door,” Discovery.

* Achievement in nonfiction programming, sound editing: Patrick M. Griffith, Lisa Hannan, Paul N.J. Ottosson, “National Geographic Explorer,” TBS.


* Achievement in nonficition programming, sound mixing: Jamie Dutcher, Nelson Funk, “Wolves at Our Door,” Discovery.

* Achievement in animation: Eric Radomski, “Spawn,” HBO.