Share Your Earthquake Memories

Millions of Southern Californians were jolted awake at 4:31 a.m. on Jan. 17, 1994, by the magnitude 6.7 Northridge earthquake, which left 72 dead, more than 11,000 injured and damage exceeding $25 billion. Five years after the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history, most of the physical scars have been remedied, but for many residents the stark images of that January remain fresh.

Do you have compelling memories of the Northridge earthquake, or its aftermath, that you'd like to share? How has the quake continued to affect your life?

Please send your comments--no more than 300 words--postmarked by Dec. 31. We'll share some of those comments with our other readers on the fifth anniversary of the quake.

Send them to: Earthquake Anniversary, Los Angeles Times Valley Edition, 20000 Prairie St., Chatsworth 91311. Or e-mail them to: Please include your name and telephone number.

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