Dick Clark

* Host of “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve ’99" on ABC-TV tonight starting at 11:35.

After the Ball Drops: We fly right home from New York on New Year’s Day and get back to our house in Malibu. We’ll run on the beach with the four dogs. Then we’ll head straight to Neptune’s Net on Pacific Coast Highway, where we’ll have shrimp and clams and roast corn and hang out with the bikers on their Harley-Davidsons and the rich people in their Rolls-Royces.

Coastal Hideaway: We have a little place up the coast another 10 to 15 minutes, where we’ll stay Friday night. It sits on top of a hill surrounded by 200,000 acres of nothing but a view of the ocean. We do most of our walking on the beach, not the mountains. We’re not hikers--that would be a big stretch of the imagination. That night we’ll cook up a pizza in our pizza oven and watch a movie on video, because out there TV reception is minimal.

Malibu Chores: Saturday morning, my wife and I go into downtown Malibu and shop together, and some days we’ll stop at Marmalade and get a bucket of their gazpacho to bring home for lunch.


Dining Out: At night we go into town and get a couple of friends to meet us for dinner--that’s our way of socializing--at Ivy at the Shore. Or, we’ll go to Caffe Delfini in Santa Monica, where my wife gets the Aglio Olio and I get the veal Milanese. That’s the best Italian food I’ve found.

Dining In: Sundays starts with a ritual where I fax two or three friends with my news of the week, and they fax me with their news. Meanwhile, my wife is in the shower washing those four dogs, and it’s my job to dry them off. And then I do the garden--I have flowers and plants in a greenhouse, so I fool around in there. Then we make eggs Florentine--we have a restaurant-style kitchen in our house--and read the newspaper with brunch. In the evenings, there’s the Jacuzzi by the fireplace, and we eat bruschetta that we make from scratch.