In L.A., It Truly Takes All Kinds--and Ain’t That Just Grand?

Tomorrow it’ll be 1999, and it seems clear to me that this little ol’ paradiso by the sea is the smartest place to be. L.A.'s got some ailments, but diversity sure ain’t one of them.

Take Brad Gluckstein’s wedding, for instance. The Jewish owner of the Conga Room met his bride, a Romanian immigrant named Bianca Davies, at an East L.A. salsa club eight years ago. The two were married weeks ago at the Wilshire Boulevard club he built out of a love of Latin music and dance. Get it? No salsa, no spice, no everything nice.

Speaking of flavor, two of L.A.'s spiciest divas are teaming up tonight for a joint New Year’s Eve party at an untraditional Hollywood location. (Na, na, na-na-na, we know who and where, but wouldn’t be prudent to print. We do, however, promise a full recap next Thursday.)

A clue, for you (it rhymes, it’s true): The chica who’s the cheekiest and the actress who gives great face / Have rented a Tinseltown studio with ample room for bass / One rocks so hard--she rules the school / Both survived in an industry that’s cruel. Now, we expect to see a few crashers.


L.A.'s legendary lounge liberator, DJ Senor Amor, is scheduled to freak everyone out tonight at Encounter, the iridescent restaurant housed in LAX’s memorial to ‘60s architecture. The Senor, as he’s known among those who populate nightclubs in Los Angeles, has been at the helm of this trippy neo-lounge scene for more than a decade, and he’ll be spinning a succulent blend of weird and groovy music from the archives of pop music past, present and futuristic. Also in attendance is the pop band Charlotte’s Bionic Blimp. Last year, the Encounter sold out, just FYI.

As per the rules of New Year’s Eve tradition, after-parties will be at Pink’s, Canter’s deli and Highland Grounds, where fests continue till sobriety kicks in. Sleep well, it’s the dawning of the age of nefarious. Well, maybe, maybe not.