Sober Auld Lang Syne

A New Year’s Eve party doesn’t have to be a drunkfest. If you’ve lost battles with the bottle in the past, Dr. Ruth Bookstaber, director of the Alcohol and Drug Council of Greater Los Angeles, has a few tips for making it an alcohol-free night:

1) Call ahead to the party to make sure they will be serving nonalcoholic drinks. If not, bring some along. There are lots of nonalcoholic drinks on the market today that are just as much a treat as champagne and wine. Try a flavored soda water or a sparkling grape, apple or cranapple juice. It’s not necessary to have alcohol to join the crowd.

2) If you feel you are in danger of drinking, tell someone. It’s good to have a buddy system, and someone else can help you work through it.

3) Make yourself a designated driver. That way your friends will be watching to make sure you’re not drinking. It’s very important, especially during the holidays, to remember that drinking and driving don’t mix. California has a .08 blood alcohol limit. For a woman of average height and weight, two glasses of wine could be too much.


4) Realize that the holiday season is a high-risk time. Be aware. Attend support groups and meetings.