Council to Discuss Shrubs on Lake Shore


Is a row of shrubs along Lake Mission Viejo an eyesore?

City Council members will take up that question Monday as they consider whether the Lake Mission Viejo Assn. should be forced to remove the plants.

The Planning Commission recently ordered the association to remove the shrubs along about 1,500 feet of lake shore, prompting an appeal to the City Council.

“If they want to plant shrubs along that lake, they should apply for a site plan,” community development director Clint Sherrod said.


City law requires a site plan, which would determine height limitations for any vegetation that could screen lake views.

Lake association officials say the shrubs shouldn’t be considered a screen because the greenery can be clipped to a height that will keep the lake within view of passing motorists and pedestrians.

The 6 p.m. meeting will take place at City Hall, 25909 Pala. Information: (714) 470-3000.